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By now you know that you wish to repaint your kitchen cabinets. You really envision a freshly painted kitchen to work in! You may even know what color you want your kitchen to be when it’s finished! However you have a hard time knowing where to start. You wonder how a professional goes about to assess cabinets before starting on a cabinet painting process.

Additionally, so many questions come to mind. You have heard of people painting their own cabinets, and the paint failing. Or, they end up with a very unprofessional look, which is not what you envision for your kitchen. You want a professionally painted kitchen, although you know that hiring a professional is way beyond your budget.

Definitely, painting your own kitchen cabinets takes work, and commitment. However, this is a project for diy-ers, if you follow the same procedures that the professionals use.

In this blog, we give you the first steps in assessing your kitchen cabinets before you ever start. We want to empower you to get that beautiful smooth finish that professionals receive. Furthermore, we give you inside tips into what professionals look at as they evaluate kitchen cabinets to be painted.

Best paints for spraying cabinets

The best finishes for spraying cabinets in house are European waterborne urethanes. Brands such as Milesi and Renner are in my opinion at the top of line for quality and durability.

Best Paints for brushing and rolling

Homeowners who want to brush or roll should use Acrylics such as Benjamin Moore Advance, or Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane paints. Many professionals have had good success with either one of these.

The BM Advance paint has a little more open time or dry time, which means you have a little more time to brush out your paint before it hardens and leaves ugly brush marks. This makes it a good option for inexperienced or first time painters. The down side is that it drys slowly and should not be re-coated for 24 hours. This should be ok for most homeowners, but if you need a quicker turn around time, go with SW Emerald Urethane

I don’t recommend cabinet paints by Behr or Valspar. Also never use regular latex paint on cabinets, as that is much to soft and should only be used on walls etc.

Primers for refinishing cabinetry

First of all never use a “paint and primer as one” combination. This may be fine for painting walls but is not a good option for cabinetry. No matter what the paint reps may tell you, proper prep such as cleaning, sanding and priming are very important when it comes to painting cabinetry.

When painting existing cabinets, you will want to use a stain blocking primer. Many painting professionals are having success with these two products – Zinsser BIN shellac primer, or Zinsser Coverstain oilbased primer. Stay away from water based stain blocking primers such as Zinsser Bullseye 123. Kiltz may be good, but the smells and VOC’s are terrible.

Pro’s and Cons: Bin shellac is good for stain blocking but some have had some issues with adhesion to certain existing finishes. To get around this, some pros use a waterborne primer such as Stix (which is not stainblocking) and then using BIN over top of that for it’s stain blocking properties. And, yes, stain blocking is primer is important because stains even under existing finishes will migrate into the new paint causing discoloration. So if using Stix primer, be sure to add one or two coats of BIN.

Coverstain on the other hand has excellent stain blocking properties as well as good adhesion. The downside is the smell is stronger since it’s an oilbased product. Make sure to use a good respirator and have good ventilation!

For best results, plan to do two coats of primer. Paint all exterior faces and both sides of the cabinet doors. an average kitchen could take 2 gallons of primer if brushing and rolling and 3 gallons if spraying.

Common Mistake 1. Improper Prep

The first of the 5 common mistakes a lot of homeowners make is improper prep. You must prep properly for a beautiful end product. Do not listen to the “pros” at the big box stores who would like to tell you that you do not need to clean and sand for a good finish. All your cabinets must be free of grease and dust for you to have a beautiful painted kitchen that will last you for a long time!

Below you see a picture of a cabinet that was not properly prepped. The paint peels right off! This is indicative that they either only used de-glosser without sanding or proper cleaning. Do not fall for this trick. Your paint will fail if you do not properly clean, sand , and prep. De-glosser should only be used in areas that you cannot sand. Even then, you still need to clean afterwards with denatured alcohol and a soft rag.

Remember that even if you use the best of the best paints, your paint can only adhere to properly prepped surface. Indeed, the end result of your painted kitchen is only as good as the prepping you do! Paint cannot adhere to improperly prepped surface, and you only set yourself up for failure by skimping on this very crucial step in the process!!

You need to clean, prep, and sand your cabinets. Do not think you can skimp on this step! As usual, the biggest amount of your time will be spent prepping your cabinets for painting. However, once your cabinets gleam with that new coat of paint, you will feel like a millionaire! Especially since you know that no grease or dirt is hiding anywhere behind the scenes to trap you and fail your paint job in a few years.

Believe me, proper prep is super important for that professionally smooth, glossy finish in your kitchen.

Common Mistake 2. Not Priming Or Using the Wrong Primers

Another problem we often see is the misinformation from the big box stores that no priming is necessary. Or they tell you that the same primers apply for cabinets as do for wall or trim painting. This is just not true!

You cannot use paint and primer combined, nor do you want to use wall paint. It will not hold up. Remember that you are painting cabinets, not walls. So, you need to use the proper primers for cabinets.

Chalk paints also make a poor decision for cabinets. Even while they are easy to use, they are soft paints. Thus they do not hold up the continual wear and tear that kitchen cabinets undergo on a continual basis.

You want to use cabinet grade paint. Definitely, they will cost more. However the strength and durability of cabinet paint far surpasses wall and chalk paints!

Look for Benjamin Moore line of cabinet paints. Another top of the line paint that shows extreme durability, yet comes as a water base paint, is Milesi 1 paint. This paint shows as good results with hardness and durability as conversion varnishes, without those horrible fumes!!

Common Mistake 3. Using the Wrong Topcoats

The next common mistake we see people making is using the wrong topcoats. Again, this is due to so much misinformation out there. Do not believe for a minute that you can use inferior wall paint on your cabinets, and achieve the same results a professional does! Granted, even some so-called professionals will tell you to use low quality paint. You have probably listened to some people who call themselves professionals after only painting a few kitchens.

However, remember that durability is the true test of any professional. Most likely, if they have just started cabinet painting, it is hard to know how long the paint will last. You really do not want to put forth all this time and effort for you paint to fail in a few short years!

Common Mistake 4. Using the Wrong Equipment

The fourth mistake we see often, is people using the wrong equipment. True, brushes and rollers can be used to paint cabinets. However, you cannot use just any brush or roller. Additionally, even when using the right equipment, you need to brush and roll properly to achieve that beautiful professional finish. In our blog on cabinet painting we show you step by step how to brush and roll, and even spray like the pros!

We want you to end up with a kitchen you can be proud of! So many times people start with misinformation, ending up needing to call the professionals in to finish for them. This can be avoided! With time an effort you can have as beautiful a finish as the professionals give you! You do not need to end up with a failed paint project.

Common Mistake 5. Not Following Proper Cure Time

The fifth common mistake people make is not following proper cure time in between coats of paint. You must follow the times listed on the back of your paint can. Do not try to rush this! Some paints like Benjamin Moore Advance have a long cure time, and you may only get 1 coat done a day. That’s just fine. take your time, and you will definitely be rewarded with a beautiful finish on you kitchen cabinets.

Can I Paint my Kitchen Myself?

Absolutely! Avoid these 5 common mistakes and you will achieve beautiful results! Plan to take a few months to finish painting your kitchen, if you are only doing it in your spare time. In the event that you take time off of work to paint your cabinets, plan to spend at least a week and possibly two to paint your kitchen cabinets. You really do not want to hurry through the project and end up with peeling paint after spending all that time working on it!!

For more info on upgrades for your kitchen check out our blog on 10 Upgrades for DIY-ers.

Homestead Cabinet Design Offers You Step By Step Help With Your Kitchen Renovation!

Homestead Cabinet Design is here to help you step by step with painting your kitchen. Watch for the publication of our exciting e-book that shows you step by step how to paint your own kitchen gaining the same results as professionals do! In this book, we show you common mistakes diyers make, how to avoid them and simple instructions on how to paint your kitchen yourself.

We also offer you kits of brushes, rollers, and tell you the exact primers and top coats to use to achieve the same glossy smooth results professionals do!!

In the meantime, call or email Raymond at Homestead Cabinet Design for answers to your specific questions for your kitchen. We will be happy to help you today!

We can order you top of the line paints matching any Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore samples. Just ask! Don’t settle for cheap box store paints for your kitchen. You will not regret doing it right the first time!

5 Simple Upgrades For Your Kitchen

The most basic upgrades for your kitchen includes: 1. Brand new paint. 2. New cabinet doors. 3. 3/4″ plywood shelves, with veneered edges. 4. Hinges. 5. Hardware.

Best Possible Paint For Kitchen Cabinets

You will want to use the best cabinet grade finishes for your cabinets. Both Benjamin Moore Advance or Sherwin Williams cabinet paint offer good results for painting kitchen cabinets. However, if you want the best, most durable finish that professionals use, use the Milesi one part paint.

Milesi paint definitely costs more than any other cabinet paint, however it dries hard and will last so much longer for you! When using Milesi paint, your cabinets receive that ultimate hard and smooth feel of professionally painted cabinets. Additionally, your hard work will definitely last for years!

If some of your doors need to be replaced, or you have structural issues, you may actually want to think of refacing them. However, most times simply painting your existing kitchen cabinets brings amazing life and vitality onto your kitchen. Totally transforming your work space at a fraction of the cost and hassle of buying new cabinets. You will be amazed at how dashingly beautiful your kitchen cabinets will be with a gleaming fresh coat of paint!!

Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Installing brand new cabinet doors adds a beautiful touch to your kitchen, especially if your cabinet doors show wear and tear! We can source doors in all types for you for a very reasonable price. We have access to all wood doors for staining and painting, wood doors with an MDF center for painting, and all MDF solid core doors for painting. For detailed explanation on the different types of doors check out our blog on cabinet doors.

Stained Wood Cabinet Doors

Possibly you have kitchen cabinets in a wood species, and still love that specific color. However the cabinet frame and doors show a lot of wear and tear. At times installing brand new doors in the same wood species/stain color adds a powerful upgrade at a bare minimum cost. Additionally, a simple coat of stain and fresh varnish over the frame of your cabinets covers up the dings and scratches, adds tremendous beauty to your kitchen!

Below you see the beauty of stained wood cabinets. These cabinets received brand new doors, making this kitchen shine once again. With the beauty of full overlay, Shaker doors, very little of the cabinet face is exposed. This allows you to almost fully cover the face of the cabinets with brand new doors.

Therefore, if you want to keep down your costs, think of upgrading to new cabinet doors, along with re-staining and varnishing the frame. This definitely upgrades your cabinets!

Painted Cabinet Doors

Do you wish to paint your cabinets? Painting opens a whole new world of color in your kitchen! Now you have options in wide array. Do you want to repaint your existing cabinet doors? Keep the same hardware? Additionally, consider the state of your drawer slides and door hinges. Should they be upgraded also?

A lot of this depends on the existing condition of your cabinet doors and hinges. Additionally, how much you want to spend on your kitchen renovation plays a huge factor in deciding to upgrade your cabinet doors. Homestead Cabinet doors offers you two types of doors for painted kitchen cabinets.

The most basic door comes from hard core mdf. This type of door lasts a long time, does not swell, and crack at the joints as wood doors do. Furthermore, they cost less than wood doors.

The other option for paint grade doors consist of a door with a wooden frame, and an mdf center. Both types of doors hold up very well to the wear and tear in any kitchen.

Paint Options For Cabinet Doors

Homestead Cabinet Design offers you the option of buying them unfinished or primed and ready for final coat. Additionally, we offer them primed and sprayed in the top coat color of your choice. Moreover, this gives you that glossy smooth finish that only comes from being professionally sprayed.

Since cabinet doors cover most of your cabinet face, they also show the most, as soon as you have imperfections in the painting process. Thus, deciding to get them professionally sprayed while you prep and paint the face frame makes a lot of sense. This gives you a very professional finished product, while cutting a lot of cost for you, especially compared to hiring someone to repaint/reface the whole cabinets.

We match the exact color you use for your cabinet face, as long as you go with any Benjamin Moore or Sherwin williams paint. Furthermore, we paint grade Milesi paints with added hardeners, ensuring that your doors dry to a harder finish. This gives your doors the best top coat you can give them, along with ensuring that your paint job lasts longer than it would using typical cabinet paint.

New Cabinet Shelves

Are kitchen cabinet shelves sagging because they were crafted from cheap particle board and have seen their share of weight? Replace them with brand new plywood maple shelves, with a real maple veneer on the edge. This transforms your cupboard, allowing you to organize your kitchen as you wish, instead of needing to organize according the weight of your kitchen items. How very freeing!!

Brand new shelves add so much value to your storage space! Additionally, they install very easily. Most times they pop right out. At times, they have a small tab at the top holding the shelf in place that needs to be removed. After removing the clip, take out the old shelf and replace with your brand new shelf. Viola! You now have brand new storage area in your cupboards!


Hinges and hardware are the easiest upgrades to add to your cabinets. Soft close hinges add tremendous value to your existing kitchen. After installing soft close hinges, your doors no longer close with a bang. Instead, they glide shut and softly close, using hydraulic mechanisms to keep them from slamming shut.

Soft close hinges replace any standard hinge mounted on your existing kitchen cabinets. They come in three types: surface mount, semi concealed, and fully concealed hinges. Check out our comprehensive blog on soft close hinges to learn the what type of hinge you should be installing in your cabinets.


New hardware adds a beautiful finished touch to your kitchen upgrade. You find many options on the market, in a brick and mortar store, or online. Basically, you need to decide if you want to go with hardware that uses the existing holes in your doors and drawer fronts or if you want something totally different.

If you decide to go with a new style of hardware, and are keeping your existing cabinet doors, you need to putty the holes shut with a good wood filler, and sand them smooth before starting to paint the doors. However, if you decide to go with new doors, you can choose any new hardware, without worrying about the existing holes in your cabinet doors and drawer fronts.

Without a doubt, dismantling and installing your cabinet doors, shelves, hinges and hardware saves you a lot of money! Definitely, this depends on your available time, how much time you wish to have your kitchen in disarray, along with the patience and perseverance you as an individual want to spend in redoing your kitchen. However, if you wish to keep the costs of your kitchen renovations down, definitely think of doing as much of the simple dismantling and installing yourself, as possible.

Do you wonder what can be done with old oak cabinets? Is there a way to recycle and reuse the once popular cabinets for other purposes around the house, such as a kitchen island? How could you accomplish this? Additionally, where do you find some?

In this post Homestead Cabinet Design shows you step by step how to make a massive kitchen island out of old oak cabinets. Much good can be said for the strength and durability of old oak cabinets.

Truly, these cabinets make ideal cabinets to re-purpose into oodles of other projects, namely because of their strength and durability. Additionally, you can find them reasonably cheap anywhere. Just check out your local Craigslist or Facebook Market place! You find them everywhere for a fraction of the cost of brand new cabinets.

Most times they are structurally very sound. However, they yellow with age, and become very dated and dreary looking. Thus, after awhile most owners become ready to upgrade to painted cabinets, or the warmer hues of maple, cherry, or even red birch.

Furthermore, by taking them apart into the separate cabinet boxes that they originally came in, these cabinets then fit together in any order that works for you, specifically! You are not locked into using them in the same order/format that the original owners used them in. Moreover, if you have limited space, you do not even need to use all the cabinets that come with your set. Ultimately, with a little work, made-to-order cabinets for your space become a reality!!

Old Oak Cabinets For Massive Island

Below you see old oak cabinets that came from Craigslist, no less. As mentioned above, these came for a fraction of the cost of new kitchen cabinets! Using ingenuity, along with years of experience of working with cabinets, Homestead Cabinet Design transformed these yellowed, aged, and dated oak cabinets to a beautiful massive island! Read on to see how!

Re-purposing Old Oak Cabinets Into Massive Island

The first step to re-purposing these old oak cabinets involved the normal steps for repainting any used kitchen cabinets. Absolutely, we took the time to thoroughly clean, fill all holes, and sand them.

When applying all this time and effort into transforming old oak cabinets cabinets to a beautiful stunning island, you do not want the paint to fail. Especially not anytime in the near foreseeable future, all because you did not spend enough time with the prep work!! For step by step directions to do this yourself, check out our blog on painting old oak cabinets.

Island Backs And Sides Constructed

How did we build the island backs and sides from old oak cabinets? First of all, we made a frame the size of the island back. In this case it was huge- 5′ long! Because of its size, we built one huge frame for the back, dividing it equally into 4 sections with paint grade maple dividers.

As seen below, to make the island back look like a Shaker style panel, we cut the old oak refrigerator panels into the sizes needed to fit the frame. Following this, we inserted them into the back of the open spaces or “windows” in the frame. After inserting these cut up refrigerator panels into the frame, we could prime and paint them just like any other modern Shaker panels. All this came from old oak cabinets, with the only added expense of paint grade maple for the “frame”!

Additionally, the sides of the island were manufactured in the same way.

Painting And Prepping For Installation

To begin with, we sanded and prepped all the surfaces. Since the cabinets and parts of the island surrounds came from used cabinets, we needed to apply all the normal steps in repainting old cabinets:

  • First, strip all the hardware.
  • Next, clean thoroughly with TSP.
  • Thirdly, fill in all cracks and dings with wood filler.
  • Finally, sand carefully.

After finishing those steps, and applying the primer coat of Milesi primer, everything needed another light sanding. Following this, we applied the final coat of Milesi Pewter Gray to the cabinet boxes, and the island side and back surrounds. As you see, the island back was massive. Between the back and the sides, they took up almost the whole length of our shop!!


Following this, we took the cabinets and the island surrounds to the clients house. We took much care to install the cabinets correctly, making sure that the cabinets sat level. Furthermore, we wanted all the doors and drawers to close properly. This client chose to upgrade to new door and drawer handles, which she did not have at the time of installation, so watch our blog to see the finished product in a few weeks.

If you look closely, you see that she did not use the cabinets in the same order that the former owners did. As mentioned above, this is the beauty of re-purposing old cabinets, making them new-for-you, all while making them work for you, in your space!

Furthermore, you see that this island top will be massive. Thus, we made the sides of the island wide enough accommodate this, creating a false open section in the middle, by making the side panels wider than normal. However, this extra width gives her lots of elbow room while prepping and serving meals. Imagine the counter space she gained by adding some extra width to her island!!

Additionally, we added smooth painted trim all the way around the edge. This helped to give the island an anchored, finished look, adding to the simple streamlined appeal of the Shaker panels.

Installed and ready for the granite top! Keep watching for the final photos of this massive island. We hope to show you the finished product as soon as it is finished!

Want New Cabinet Doors And Drawers?

This client chose to cut costs by keeping all the former door hinges and slides since they were in good working condition. She also kept the original doors, even though new soft close drawer slides and hinges always come as an option, anytime you upgrade any cabinet. Additionally, brand new doors could come as part of the package, if you wish! However, you want to keep in mind that this puts the price up.

Reface? First of all, what is refacing? Additionally, what makes refacing better than totally starting over?

Refacing always changes your existing cabinet doors to another wood species, or paint grade doors in your color choice. Additionally the face frame of your cabinets become the same color or wood species as your brand new doors, hence the name refacing.

Refacing Options

Furthermore, you have two options of what to do with the face frame of your cabinets. The first option includes applying a new wood species, namely, a very thin wood veneer, onto the face frame of your cabinets. The second option includes new painted doors, while painting your cabinet face frame in the exact same paint. Thus your doors and cabinet frame will match upon completion!

Ultimately, this is the basic difference between refacing your kitchen and refinishing. With refinishing, your original doors are taken to our shop, cleaned, sanded, and repainted. Then we install them back onto your newly painted cabinets.

With refacing, we paint the face frame of the cabinets in the same color as your brand new doors, just as we do when refinishing. However, those painted cabinet doors will be brand new doors!! For more info on types of doors, check out our blog on cabinet doors.

At Homestead Cabinet Design we have amazing results with changing blah and yucky kitchens to stunning and gorgeous! Basically, we offer three basic options when choosing to reface your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Additionally, with every kitchen we reface, we offer brand new soft close drawer slides, and soft close hinges.

Three Reface Options For Your Kitchen

As noted above, the three basic options for refacing your kitchen include:

  1. New stained and varnished wood doors, along with stained and varnished wood veneer for the face frame of your cabinet.
  2. New cabinet doors edged in a hardwood frame with an MDF center. Incidentally, these are called paint grade wood doors. Additionally, in this case the face frame of your cabinets receive a wood veneer painted to match you new doors..
  3. New cabinet doors edged in a hardwood frame with an MDF center, or solid paint grade MDF doors, painted in your color of choice. Additionally, the face frame of your cabinets will be cleaned, sanded , and painted to match your new doors.

Wood Veneers Used In Refacing

The wood veneer used in refacing kitchen cabinets is not manufactured from from a cheap veneer strip. Actually, this veneer comes from 1/8th -1/4th” thin strips of real wood, painted or stained in the color of your choice, and in the same color as your cabinet doors. The side panels of your kitchen also receive this same veneer, matching everything!!

Additionally, this veneer comes with a strong glue applied to the back side of it. Thus allowing it to firmly adhere to the face frame of your cabinets. Once this glue dries, it becomes almost impossible to remove it from the face frame of your cabinets! Yes, it creates such a tight bond!!

Types Of Wood Veneers

The wood veneers for stained kitchens come in the actual wood species that you choose. They come unfinished, and we stain, sand, and seal them in our shop at the same time that we stain, sand and seal the all wood cabinet doors. This results in a spectacular, perfectly matching wood finish throughout your whole entire kitchen!!

The wood veneers for painted kitchens come from actual thin strips of maple wood. They also come unfinished. As with the wood species, we primer, sand and paint the wood veneers alongside applying primer, sanding, and painting your cabinet doors. This ensures a uniform color throughout your entire kitchen. Moreover, this is how we can offer you any color!! We use any color you choose and apply it to the doors AND the veneers. We are not limited to only a few colors!!

In conclusion, the difference between the wood veneers boils down to what is applied to the surface of the veneer. And that becomes your choice, whether you prefer a stained wood look, or a painted wood look.

In both cases the wood veneer comes from thin strips of wood, stained or painted in the color of your choice. Furthermore, once the wood veneer has been finished in our shop, to your specifications, the process of attaching the veneer to the face frame of your kitchen is the same, regardless if it is painted or stained.

Refacing To Wood Species

Change any kitchen to the beautiful wood species of your choice! Yes, those old oak cabinets change to the beautiful rich hues of red birch or cherry, all by changing out the doors, and the face frames of your cabinets!!

Want to go with something exotic like knotty alder or hickory?? Absolutely!! In actuality, the sky becomes the limit, however your imagination and your budget decides the limit of what works for you. As noted above: when refacing, your existing cabinets become whatever wood species, or color you desire, all by changing their face, hence the name refacing.

Refacing A Painted Kitchen To Natural Cherry

As you see below, Homestead Cabinet Design transformed this ugly green kitchen into a lovely kitchen with the warm hues of natural cherry. Even the soffit received a face lift, resulting in the look of cabinets going all the way to the ceiling!!

First, we cover all the counters and protect the floor. Following this, we dismantle all the doors, and remove all the hardware.

Next, the face frames receive a thorough scrubbing, using TSP a strong degreaser to get rid of all underlying grease. After this scrubbing down, all nicks and dings get filled in with wood filler, before sanding them smooth. Following this we apply the thin stained wood veneer on to the face frame of the cabinet.

Reface Process

We did not get any pictures of the process here in this kitchen. However, if you look below in the painted kitchen turned white or even the island turned hickory, you see the same process we used here. Basically the thin wood strips come with a strong glue on the back side covered with paper backing. We then take off the paper backing, and adhere the wood veneers to the face frame. Usually, the strips are cut to fit the width of your specific cabinets with a special veneer knife, and then glued to your kitchen cabinet frame.

If you watch the process below, you see that we use strong clamps to hold the veneer in place until the glue is dried. Once the glue has dried and bonded, there is no way the veneer will come back off, since the glue we use is stronger than wood itself!

After the veneer bonds thoroughly, we take the clamps off and install the cabinet doors, and in this case cover the soffit with cherry plywood and moldings. This really added a finished touch to this kitchen- instantly updating and giving amazing life and vitality to this dated and worn kitchen!!



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